chasing a tiger

dress: meghan LA // shoes: wild pair

photography: nik sarac

most girls want to be a princess. i'd rather be a goddess.

this dress, like most things, is far too long for me. somehow that worked in my favor in an attempt to create this flowing-goddessy train. the designer is lesser known which is exactly the way i like it. her pieces usually have a much more gaudy [in a good way] print. thankfully this dress is just an obnoxious shade of green.

xo jenny


  1. I am so in love with this set of photos. My favorite is the last one where you are running across the screen. I seriously would love a photo of that in my bedroom! It looks so cool.

    I love it!

    Angela @ the Lovely Cup

  2. obnoxious green is the way to go. though i do really dig the dress.


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