top: brandy melville // jacket: armani exchange // jeans: zara
photography: nik sarac

busted out my "vintage" armani exchange jacket. if two years old qualifies as vintage… frankly never wore this jacket when i actually worked at armani. it's a little bit too sporty for my personal taste but if i recall correctly, i got it free of charge so no complaints there. it's actually really comfortable so i'll likely throw it into my rotation more. which means i'll wear it once every six months. deal.

xo jenny


  1. I like what you're wearing, it's actually something I'd like to wear :)

  2. jealous.. your so purtyful. love you -baby t

  3. Oh no! 2 years?! That means I will most likely not find this jacket. I just saw this and immediately thought THAT is the jacket I've been looking for! Oh the pain.


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