my life through instagram

be forewarned, this is a long post. :)

top: minkpink ; shorts: skylark in venice, ca.
whale watching with the famiwee.
from where i stand, neon edition.
getting my cupcake on at crumbs in beverly hills, ca. loved my memorial day themed cupcake!
bffs forevaaah.
from where i stand, neon nikes courtesy of the boyf!
this is what i like to eat. every. day. yes.
venti please. starbucks run with handbago ladies.
venice beach. victoria's secret bikini.
sister love
seriously some of the best food i've ever had.
i've always wanted to see this venice sign. mission completed.
introducing an amazing new line of denim! can't wait to start styling these babies.
disneyland! shorts: zen vintage, bag: neckid
orleans cafe. my favorite place to eat at disneyland.
convinced i need one of these everyday.
i need me a puppy.
amazing tuna tartar at cafe marmalade. good food. good company.
had to watch snow white and the huntsman! personally, it was overhyped but i'd watch it again just so i can drool over charlize's beauty.

hope your weekend was fulfilling!

xo jenny

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  1. I was just thinking of watching that movie! Maybe I won't be watching it anymore. Haha.

  2. Great photos :) You look beautfiul ;) have a nice day

  3. hey love you are so beautiful ! ;)
    already follow you.
    mind to follow me?
    www.redstilletoes.blogspot.com :) thankyouu xx

  4. So many great pictures Jenny!! Never been to LA, but I would love to one day!!

    It is so great that you have Iced Green Latte at Starbacks in the US. In Germany the don't. Hope they will change that one day. :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!!

    Following you now via GFC.


  5. ahhhh lovelovelove your pictures here!
    oh man we definitely have same tastes~ i'm a BIG foodie person too haha

    Pinkbow Icecream

  6. I haven't had a icee in years!I used to love them!

  7. Wow love the pictures :)

    Thank you so much, dear for your wonderful comment.
    I followed you now ;)


  8. Love it all! ESP the neon denim!

  9. oh how great love you pics! Thanks for your comment!


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